A vision born in Japan. Garments made in Europe. 59 inches unites two worlds to become a harmonious whole: wayo-settchu.

By following the Japanese example, the brand concentrates on what’s essential: a solid collection with a focus on the finest quality fabrics and heavy jerseys, mainly from Japan. Quality is the highest mission.Shirts, sweatshirts and tees persuade with traditional colours, wearable looks and sophisticated refinements on the highest level.

Artisanal manufacture up to hand handicraft defines every single work step. „Always give the best again“ – the typical Japanese virtue being the fundamental principle. The ever-present Japanese idea shows in carefully thought-out, loving details – always in the typical Japanese red.

Quality seal:

Every garment carries the logo that comes as an original Hanko stamp which is carefully set by hand on every single piece. Discreetly placed it reveals 59 inches being the sender – as an unmistakable, individual signature and an explicit manifesto of the highest quality that follows the Japanese example.

59 inches relates to the standard weaving width of high-quality fabrics – a passion for the new premium sportswear brand's creators. Another passion they're sharing: Japan; synonymous for innovation, real values and the tireless quest for perfection. The quintessence of both these passions:

59 inches –

The Finest in Casual Sportswear.

59 inches sums up the Japanese „wayo-settchu“, literally speaking „the compromise between Japan and the Western world“. In a figurative sense, the phrase describes the hybrid uniting Japan with Western elements. And this is where the brand positions itself.

japanese soul. european heart. one identity.

The Finest in
Casual Sportswear

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